In the Garanghelo you will find an intimate yet simple and warm atmosphere. Where a few tables and a large counter invite you to stay together, cheered by the tempting smells coming from the kitchen.
In the outdoor tables in the large Calle dei botteri you can eat watching the peaceful unfolding of everyday life in Venice.
The "ostaria" preserves the appearance of a time long past; with displays on the walls as well as some books, the memories and greetings sent by customers from all over the world.


garanghelo_01.jpg garanghelo_02.jpg garanghelo_03.jpg garanghelo_04.jpg garanghelo_05.jpg garanghelo_06.jpg garanghelo_07.jpg garanghelo_08.jpg garanghelo_09.jpg garanghelo_10.jpg garanghelo_11.jpg garanghelo_12.jpg garanghelo_13.jpg

ambiente semplice e caloroso,
dove il grande bancone invita a desinare, allo stare insieme, pochi tavoli e … profumini invitanti che provengono dalla cucina.